Shipping Information

  • Ground Shipping

  • Most products that are stocked in our warehouse are ready to ship within one business day. However, not all orders can ship within this time frame, if there is a supply issue with the items on the order. If an item is required by a certain date, please notify us by indicating the date in a reply email to your order acknowledgement email. If there will be a delay in meeting your required date, you will be notified.

    Shipping times vary based on geographical location. If you require your order to be expedited, you may select the Second Day or Next Day shipping options (if eligible depending on shipping address).  

  • Same Day Shipping applies to most parcel orders fulfilled before 3pm EST Monday through Friday. If the order is required to ship same day we recommend placing the order prior to 12pm.
  • Shipping within the Continental United States only.

    Applies to current items in stock at Wholesale Public Safety’s warehouse.

    If WPS needs to contact you to validate or amend your order or payment information in order to collect payment your shipment could be delayed.

    Same Day shipping means your order is packaged and ready prior to the last scheduled pickup at WPS.

    Please note: WPS cannot be responsible for delays due to weather, power outages, or any other acts of nature beyond our control.

  • Freight Shipments  
  • FOB Origin: Marion, SC   Customers are responsible for ALL freight charges. Once the products leaves our dock, you, the customer, assume all risk. Therefore:

    It is the responsibility of the Customer to confirm that the shipping address meets the criteria for a business delivery address.

    Any subsequent freight charges applied by a carrier for Residential Delivery, Redelivery, Lift Gate service, etc. will be the responsibility of the Customer and may be invoiced 2-4 weeks after delivery.

    Your signature on the delivering carrier’s freight Bill Of Lading (BOL) constitutes acceptance of the merchandise as is and in good order. If you do not inspect your delivery before signing you are, for all practical purposes, waiving the right to collect on a damage claim even if the damage is discovered later (known as concealed damage).

    *We cannot be held responsible for freight damage that has been signed for or missing pieces not noted on the BOL. Ultimately, it is the Freight Company’s responsibility to deliver the shipment in good condition, and it is YOUR responsibility to inspect and sign for the products and notate any missing or damaged pieces at time of delivery.

Why Waste A Good Shipping Box?

We receive almost as many shipments in our warehouses as we ship out, and rather than break those boxes down, put them in the cardboard dumpster, have a recycling truck come pick it up, to then have to use energy to be broken down and made into new materials so that it could have its second life... why not give that box a new life right away?!

Help Us Reduce Waste

We are proud to do our part to cut down on packaging waste! Containers and packaging make up a major portion of municipal solid waste according to the EPA, amounting to 80.1 million tons of generation in 2017 (per last documentation.) You can read more on the EPA website here.

Our Packing Tape

We wear our passion for re-using shipping boxes and other packing materials right on our packing tape! Join the movement and re-use shipping and packing materials whenever possible! For more information, contact us.